Energy Information For Your Home

This page contains a range of Links and Technical Guides which should be useful for those aiming to upgrade their homes.  The information has been sourced from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland or the Energy Savings Trust in the UK.

Case Studies Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Typical Houses in SERVE Region:

Case studies have been completed on energy efficiency upgrades to a range of dwelling types.  You can find out about the measures that were taken to reduce energy use, the costs and savings achieved. Details about the SERVE Energy saving Grants are also included on all the Case Studies:

SERVE Case Study Farm House

SERVE Case Study Bungalow

SERVE Case Study Semi D

Click here for Information on Grant Aided Energy Efficiency Measures

Click here for Residential Final_Technical_Guide

General Information


SEAI Your Home Section:

Link to wide range of documentation and information on energy in your home.

Technical Guides
Download SEI_How_to_Make_Your_Home_Energy_Efficient.pdf (542 Kb)

Download SEI_Guide_to_Sustainable_Energy.pdf (471 Kb)

Download SEI_RenovatingOlderHome.pdf (208 Kb)

Download SEI_Building_Energy_Rating_Leaflet.pdf (348 Kb)

Centre for Alternative Technology (UK) for eco building for energy saving tips



SEAI Home Energy Survey

Energy Savings Trust: Loft Insulation Information:

Energy Savings Trust: Cavity Wall Insulation Information:

Energy Savings Trust: Solid Wall Insulation Information:

Technical Guides
Download SEI_Insulatingyourhome.pdf (455 Kb)

Download EST_ADvanced_Insulation_Systems_CE97.pdf (1.5 Mb)

Download EST_Cavity_Wall_Insulation_ce16.pdf (416 Kb)

Download EST_CE118GPG293__External_insulation_for_dwellings.pdf (969 Kb)

Download EST_CE184__practical_refurbishment_of_solidwalled_houses.pdf (1.2 Mb)

Download EST_CE189__refurburbishing_dwellings__a_summary.pdf (355 Kb)

Download EST_Cavity_Wall_Insulation_Factsheet1.pdf (29 Kb)

Heating System Efficiency


Servicing Your Boiler:

Replacing Your Boiler:

Technical Guides

Download SEI_Energyefficientheating.pdf (762 Kb)
Download EST_heating_your_home_efficiently.pdf (5.6 Mb)

Download Condensing_boiler_installation_for_existing_dwellings.pdf (345 Kb)

Download EST_CE29__Domestic_heating_by_oil.pdf (3 Mb)

Download EST_CE30__Domestic_heating_by_gas.pdf (2.6 Mb)

Heating Controls



Technical Guides

Download EST_CE51_CHeSS_WEB_FINAL_JULY_08.pdf (423 Kb)
Download EST_Heating_Controls_Guide_final.pdf (328 Kb)


Links Guides

Download EST_CE14__Benefits_of_best_practice__windows.pdf (160 Kb)
Download EST_CE66__Windows_for_new_and_existing_housing.pdf (630 Kb)

Download EST_Glazing_Upgrades_in_Solid_Wall_Houses_GPG295.pdf (756 Kb)


Technical Guides
Download EST_GIL20__low_energy_lighting.pdf (371 Kb)

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