Case Studies

Specific Case Studies are being produced from relevant aspects of the project.  These will include general case studies and detailed case studies.  Such studies will be developed overtime.

Retrofitting Case Studies

SERVE Energy Efficiency Retrofitting General Case Studies

SERVE EcoBuilding Retrofitting Phase 2 Residential Case Study Final

Eco Village Case Studies

The following case studies profile some of houses constructed in the Eco-Village

SERVE Case Study Site 25 Conf Site Visit

SERVE Case Study Site 91 Conf Site Visit rev2

SERVE Case Study Site 104 Conf Site Visit

Socio Economic Case Studies

A number of Case Studies have been completed which focus on the socio-economic aspects of the SERVE Project.  In 2011 6 homeowners and 6 contractors were interviewed to get their views on the SERVE project and sustainable energy retrofitting in general.

Contractor Case Studies

SERVE Contractor Case Study 1 Final

SERVE Contractor Case Study 2 Final

SERVE Contractor Case Study 3 Final

SERVE Contractor Case Study 4 Final

SERVE Contractor Case Study 5 Final

SERVE Contractor Case Study 6 Final

Homeowner Case Studies

SERVE Homeowner Case Study 1

SERVE Homeowner Case Study 2

SERVE Homeowner Case Study 3

SERVE Homeowner Case Study 4

SERVE Homeowner Case Study 5

SERVE Homeowner Case Study 6