SERVE Conference 2012 – Pathways to 2020 Presentations

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Speaker presentations and biographies are available in PDF format by clicking the links below.  You can also view videos of the proceedings via Youtube.

Opening Session

Seamus Hoyne01 SERVE An Overview  View & listen to Seamus’ presentation here

Andrea Immendörfer02 CONCERTO Premium View & listen to Andrea’s presentation

John Fogarty – 03 Community Wind At Last! View & listen to John’s presentation

Gearóid Fitzgibbon04 A Rural Community Tackles Energy Demand View & listen to Gearoid’s presentation

Christoph Walter05 Ballynagran Zero Twenty Initiative View & listen to Christoph’s presentation

Seminar 1: Skills & Training for Sustainable Energy

Mark Keyes06 Build Up Skills Ireland – Results to Date View & listen to Mark’s presentation

Joseph Little – 07 Energy Training for Professionals View & listen to Joseph’s presentation

Jason Horrex – 08 An Industry Perspective on Training Needs (to follow) View & listen to Jason’s presentation here

Seminar 2: Standards & Energy Performance

Michael Bell09 SERVE DEAP vs Actual Energy Performance View & listen to Michael’s presentation

Maurice Falvey 10 Emerging Technologies in Mechanical Systems View & listen to Maurice’s presentation

Seamus Hoyne11 SustainCO – What is a Near Zero Energy Building? View & listen to Seamus’ presentation

Seminar 3: Behaviour Change – Energy & People

Tina Opalic 12 The impacts of SERVE on people & community – Case study results

Marc Delghust 13 Energy Information & Behavioural Change View & listen to Mark’s presentation

Vincent Carragher14 Supporting Communities to Reduce their Carbon Intensity View & listen to Vincent’s presentation

Seminar 4: Financing Solutions

Julije Domac15 The economic impacts of SERVE retrofitting View & listen to Julije’s presentation

Ian Boylan16 EPC’s for Ireland – Can it happen? View & listen to Ian’s presentation

Tristan Oliver17 Innovative Funding & Financing Opportunities  View & listen to Tristan’s presentation here

Closing Session: What SERVE Meant to me?

John Grant – 18 Homeowner View & listen to John’s presentation

Mathew Collison – 19 Contractor View & listen to Mathew’s presentation

Deirdre O’Brolchain 20 Ecovillage Member View & listen to Deirdre’s presentation

Seamus Hoyne 21 SERVE Conclusions