SERVE Micro-generation scheme open

March 24th, 2011 | Posted by Seamus

The SERVE microgeneration scheme is open for building owners in the SERVE area who wish to install solar photovoltaic panels or micro-wind turbines in the area. The scheme is modest, looking to support a total of 20kW of installations with a grant level of €1922 per installed peak kilowatt.

Microgeneration is defined in this case as single phase systems up to 6kW (25 Amps) or 16 Amps per phase 3 phase. The grant closing date is the 27th of May 2011 and applications will be taken on a first come first SERVEd basis subject to meeting the application requirements.

There is significant detail about the scheme in the SERVE Project Micro-Generation Scheme Information Guide. All applications will require a feasibility study to be completed at time of application, to ensure the installation will provide the building owner with value for money, this Micro-Generation Feasibilty Studyy is relatively short and can be completed by your installer or a suitably qualified engineer. Applicants should start with finding the appropriate technology solution and fill in the  SERVE Project Micro-Generation Grant Scheme Application Form. Any queries to North Tipperary County council on 067 44671

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